We sell Venne, Brassard, Bockens, UKI, Lunatic Fringe, Jagger Spun, Maysville and Elitespun threads and yarn. We carry cotton, linen and wool for weaving.

Located in Hanford Brook, New Brunswick, Canada, we love indulging our passion for weaving and working with fibre. We have been weaving since 2005, starting on a four harness table loom. We are constantly on the lookout for looms that allow us to weave larger and more intricate items. We currently share our home with two counterbalance looms, one 12 shaft jack loom and a 16 harness dobby loom; as well as numerous table looms.

We are passionate about weaving and are always reading, researching and experimenting with new fibres.

Our online store has evolved out of our love of weaving, and our desire to help others access to the resources that they need to work at fiber crafts.

We are small, but try to be reactive to our customers’ needs and desires. Let us know if there is a brand or line of threads that you would like to work with. We will try to source it for you.

Drop us a line. Let us know what you love about weaving. 

Call Ronnie or Ben Stanley
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