Have you started your Christmas weaving projects?

Is that snow in the forecast? But it's only.... almost November! Where did the time go? On our list of things to make for Christmas gifts are mug holders, wine bags, tea towels, table runners and blankets.  If you're like Ronnie you never have enough looms or enough time to make everything you would like.

Here are some of the colour combinations we like for this Christmas season. What do you think?

Ice Blue Christmas Classics Frosty 

The colour combinations are very traditional but I like traditional. The whole point is to bring back memories and give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside.  Choose your favorite colour combination, now to pick a pattern. How many should we make? There are still a few things to decide but we have lots of time until Christmas.

The doorbell just rang, must be the kids trick or treating. Was that fall that just flashed by?  Hey Ronnie should we weave up some Christmas stockings? Okay, I'll add it to the list.


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