October 01, 2013

Loomlust is Open !!!!

This is it.  Day one. 

All the dreaming, and learning, and planning and work come to fruition today. 

The Loomlust online store is officially open

We are starting with baby steps and plan to grow as the market demands. 

We will use the blog to share our weaving adventures, aspirations and inevitable dogs (those nasty misbehaving threads) on the loom.

Today I have four floor looms on the go.  I am weaving a monks belt pattern (The Handweaver's Pattern Directory, Dixon, p 100) on one of the counterbalanced looms. I am planing to make Mug Cozies for Christmas.  I am using 8/2 cotton in a natural for the warp, (24 epi) and using a few different colours in the weft. I kept breaking threads at the beginning of the warp, and then seemed to get past that for a while.  Now I am nearing the end of the warp, and again the same threads are breaking. 

I can tell that the threads are being frayed by the heddles on other harnesses, but haven't been able to avoid the abrasion.  And I love the pattern, so I will just keep going and see if I can figure something out about the heddles before my next warp.

Here is a peek at the pattern that I am using. (Turquoise Weft and Blue weft...red is next)

   Blue Overshot Cosy

What's on your loom?