Big Announcement

Christmas holidays are over I hope everyone had a chance to get together with family and friends..

First off I would like to thank everyone for the positive feedback of our loomlust web site. It's much appreciated.
Our goal is to eventually fill all your weaving and fiber arts needs. Please be let us know if you have something you would like us to carry. We will see if we can fit it into our inventory plans.


I have just placed our first order for Swedish yarn. Customers have been asking us for Swedish yarns. Weavers like to work with the high quality yarns which are hard to find in Canada. So we have decided to fill the gap.

Our first order coming in is16/2 linen. This should arrive early next week and I will post it soon after on our web site.

If there  is a Swedish yarn you have been dreaming to work with, call or email us and we will try to get it for you. I have access to Bockens and Borgs yarns.

Don't forget I can also get any of the quality yarns from Venne. Check out the Venne web site if there is something you would like to try. I can add it to my next order to Venne.

Keep the shuttle flying.

Ronnie & Ben



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